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Think of a country where the whole world is watching, even the Chinese. This is Brazil. The country of the greatest world agriculture of all time, a country in which it is planted, everything is productive. The largest livestock in the world, the largest forest in the world, but it brings with it the worst politicians in the world.

Between one system and another, Brazil is a country desired by both capitalists and communists. In other words, there is the immeasurable gaze on the green and yellow flag. The biggest cancer in Brazil is the system itself, a socialist system that spent sixteen years in power, where the fortune tellers of the workers' party see the future, but forget the past.

The current President Jair Bolsonaro, was elected by the democratic vote, where the opposition tried in every way to find something that would disappoint him, but they did not find it. At first, he was accused that Brazil would return to the dictatorship, on the contrary, Bolsonaro is one of the greatest abolitionists of democracy in the world.

Corruption has always existed in Brazil, since the first republic. So, approving any form of investigation against the system will always be an unprecedented victory. Thus, it was Lava-Jato Operation, which took the prison of many politicians and businessmen, with full support from the population. But maintaining it would be like breaking the Berlin wall again. Brazil is the only country in the world where a corrupt and condemned politician has ears for justice. In Asian countries, he would either be isolated in jail or killed by a court sentence.

For this reason, the legislature and the judiciary do not go hand in hand with a president who, until then, owes nothing to justice. It seeks to take the country out of corruption, thus trying to permanently untie Brazil from yesterday and Brazil from today. As we said: hard nut to crack.


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